This program has been developed to help both experienced and novice trainers reevaluate and upgrade the skills they need to facilitate effective training programs. This course will help you build on your existing instructional skills, giving you multiple opportunities to think out of the box and improve the way you design, conduct, and evaluate a training program. With a strong focus on presentation skills and training ‘best practices’, you will gain valuable feedback from experienced facilitators in this practical and constructive learning environment.

Our USP is our ‘Think Tank’ team comprising of in-house experts and consultants with decades of T&D experience who are constantly engaged in research and content development, and our Trainers who are the very best facilitators you can find. We train through focused interactive sessions with emphasis on core objective to deliver services of the highest quality. Our training sessions help in building many fundamental professional skills and qualities such as confidence, selling skills, behavioral skills, communication, voice & accent, teamwork, leadership, stress management, time management, etc. among others.

Scroll below to see a comprehensive list of the topics that we cover.

We are customize our training programs. We do not offer the same solution to more than one client because no two problems are the same. Similarly, we take great care in maintaining confidentiality of our clients’ needs because we value your relationship with us. We seek to build sustainable long term relationships and create a win-win environment with all our clients.

Communication Skills Leadership Negotiation
1. Verbal Communication 1. Team Building 1. Sales
2. Body Language 2. Strategic Planning 2. Facilitation
3. Physical Communication 3. Coaching 3. Inspiring
4. Voice & Accent 4. Mentoring 4. Persuasion
5. Writing 5. Delegation 5. Influencing
6. Storytelling 6. Dispute Resolution 6. Motivating
7. Visual Communication 7. Diplomacy 7. Collaborating
8. Humor 8. Giving Feedback
9. Quick-wittedness 9. Managing Difficult Conversations
10. Listening 10. Decision Making
11. Presentation Skills 11. Performance Management
12. Public Speaking 12. Supervising
13. Interviewing 13. Managing
14. Manager Management
15. Talent Management
16. Managing Remote Teams
17. Managing Virtual Teams
Interpersonal Skills Creativity Professional Skills
1. Networking 1. Problem Solving 1. Organization
2. Interpersonal Relationships 2. Critical Thinking 2. Planning
3. Dealing with Difficult People 3. Innovation 3. Scheduling
4. Conflict Resolution 4. Time Management
5. Personal Branding 5. Meeting Management
6. Office Politics 6. Technology Savvy
7. Technology Trend Awareness
8. Business Trend Awareness
9. Research
10. Business Etiquette
12. Business Ethics
13. Diversity Awareness
14. Disability Awareness
15. Intercultural Competence
16. Training
17. Train the Trainer
18. Process Improvement