ELM’s Recreational Language Skills and Art of Communicative Skills (English)

Learning a language skill and effective communicative skills is an art and also comprises the learning of the culture involved within that language. At ELM’s training students learn this through fun, recreational, relaxing, enjoyable and practical methods.

ELM’s English language skills training / Communicative skills course being a course of recreational activities is also a part of the curriculum for the students. The schools should give two recreational periods per division / section per week during the school hours . The teaching / training would focus on improving the English language skills and the art of communication skills.

ELM’s Multi-Recreational Activities

ELM trains and coaches the students in recreational activities like drama skills, role plays, storytelling, writing skills, creative writing skills, reading skills, drawing and coloring skills, debating skills, singing and dancing, theater, acting skills, elocution, arts and crafts etc.,ELM’s training in recreational activities are interactive and fun filled ones, where the students are motivated to interact with their counterpart, participate in many skills exhibiting activities, drama performances, presentations skills, performance arts, games, puzzles etc,.This program is specially designed for young learners. We follow the program prepared by Cambridge University Press which would not only enhance their language competence but also their confidence. Better language skills will improve their grasping capacity. Fluency in English will also give them a head-start in the globalized economy.

ELM’s Examination/Assessments

ELM will support the school in various aspects in conducting the assessment / examination in English language proficiency and other related activities of examinations .
Duration : 1 Academic Year during school hours (June/July – February/March)
Total number of classes: Minimum 45 in 1 Academic Year (2 recreational periods per week per division/section)
Number of Faculties : Depending on the number of sections/divisions (enrollment) ELM will decide the number of trainers/teachers/coach (1 Faculty/Trainer/Teacher/Coach can handle 30-36 periods per week)